3 Things to Do if You Plan to Purchase a Home Soon

If buying a home is part of your plan for 2023, there are some simple things you can do before you really start home shopping. These items are not part of the formal home buying process but will ensure you are prepared when the time comes.

1. Check your credit score. Even if you always pay everything on time, there may be something on your credit score you don’t know about. Don’t leave this to chance because it is a very important piece of the process if you will be getting a mortgage. When you check your credit report, review it for any errors or accounts you were unaware of. If you will be getting a joint mortgage with another person, make sure you check both of your credit reports. There may be something you forgot about from the past or even mistakes that you can get corrected if you know about them before the last minute.

2. Find a professional real estate agent to look out for your best interests and guide you through the home buying process. People work with real estate agents for a variety of reasons. Maybe you drove by a house you liked and called the person on the sign, found someone when you were browsing online or have a friend that sells real estate. While none of these are the wrong way to find a real estate agent, they may not provide you with the best agent for you. Think about it this way, if you needed a cardiologist, would you just call the person on the sign or would you research your options and pick the one with the best experience and knowledge to help you with your condition? Real estate is no different. All agents aren’t created equal. A good way to find a agent is to talk with friends or coworkers and ask who they have used. If they were happy with their experience, call that agent and talk to them about your needs. Make sure they know the area you are interested in well and have the experience you need to help you should any problems arise. This is not a one size fits all business so make sure the agent you choose has the best approach for you.

3. Start cleaning out stuff. If you are buying a new home, you will be moving soon and do you really need to move boxes of things that you will never use. If you are holding on to things that you don’t use anymore, now is the time to purge. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything but if you are holding onto things you haven’t touched in years, let them go.

Once you are ready to officially start your home search, there will be many more things you need to accomplish. The agent you select will guide you through this process so you can achieve your goal of purchasing a home in 2023. Contact me today at 817.690.0976, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about finding your dream home!

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Image courtesy of cafecredit.com/flickr